Rotary – Kunavelela Community Windmill Project Report January/February 2012. Part One

In September and October of 2011 the Rotary Club of Bowen Island,
and the Rotary Club of Burnaby raised money for
an irrigation and windmill project
for the town of Hluvukani, South Africa.
This project was fulfilled in January of 2012.
Here is the report by Andi Webster from Hluvukani.

Report January/February 2012
Written and submitted by Andi Webster, 2 February 2012
© Andi Webster – all text and photographs

Background and Planning

Discussions held during the course of 2011 between the Rotary Club of Bowen Island (RCBI) and Andi Webster, representative of the Kunavelela Community Project (KCP) based in Hluvukani Village South Africa, resulted in a pledge of assistance in the form of Club and District funding to purchase, install and implement a windmill, tank stand with tanks and a basic irrigation system for the community vegetable garden located in the village.

In September/October of 2011, CA$6920 was raised through an RCBI fund-raising initiative and various donations from private individuals and club members. Jim Connor, RCBI project co-ordinator initiated an introductory meeting with Dean Rohrs of the Burnaby club, which took on the role of partner with the newly chartered Bowen Island Club. Through this partnership an additional CA$6000 was pledged to the project bringing the total sponsorship to CA$12,920 allocated for reaching the objective of year round water for the community garden supplying a valuable food source to elderly, sick and orphaned members of the Hluvukani Community.

A district grant was submitted for approval in September 2011 and provisionally approved for further assistance; these funds will be paid on completion of the project as stipulated in the District Grant funding terms and conditions.

Budget Item Name of Supplier Amount $
Delivery, installation,
cables and fittings for
reconditioned windmill
Marina Besproeing (Irrigation)  $6,400.00
Cement, stone, sand,
tank stand construction,
delivery & installation
Lowveld Steel  $3,000.00
1 x 5000L water tank,
irrigation piping,
fixtures and fittings
SA Plastikor  $2,800.00
Technical supervision Irrigation installation     $800.00
System Installation     $600.00
Transport & Delivery costs Various suppliers     $900.00
Preparation of Site     $500.00
Total Canadian $ $15,000.00

Initial arrangements and quotes were received from South African Suppliers while I was in Canada in 2011 and the budget was constructed according to quotes received. Meetings, on site arrangements and sourcing of the necessary building supplies were made once I returned to South Africa and a time-frame for project completion was arranged once this had been finalized.

During December, I met with the owner of Hoedspruit Steel (the company manufacturing and installing the tank stand to spec) in the village to determine the best placement for the tank stand and height of construction. Distances between the windmill and the site of the tank stand were measured and a 6m-tank stand was decided upon as this will allow for increased gravity and provide maximum flow to both the southern and northern parts of the garden for irrigation. An official quote was submitted by Hoedspruit Steel on
the 19 December 2011 and accepted.

During December I also spent time in the Village with Harry and Smilling sourcing building materials from local suppliers so that logistics would be easier during the week of installation. General organization, administration and site preparation was completed during the course of December and the KCP bank transfer limit was increased to allow for deposits to be made to suppliers and service providers for purchase of equipment during the time-frame allocated for completion of the project during January 2012.

The KCP bank account held an opening balance of R9 161.25, which was made up of non-rotary funds and although utilized as bridging finance to support any cash-flow issues was kept separate from incoming Rotary funds. The account balance was increased to R61 428.77 with the funds raised by RCBI (CA$6920  R52 503.79) and deposited on the 6th January 2012.

Due to logistical issues, electronic transfers from the KCP account could not be made until the 13th January.

… to be continued. The story of the installation, with photographs, begins in the next post.

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